G-Art Engineering & Detailing


Building Information Modeling

We believe in staying ahead of the curve, and that’s why we embrace the power of BIM in our projects. By utilizing advanced software and BIM methodologies, we elevate the precision and efficiency of our detailing and engineering services. BIM allows us to create a comprehensive digital representation of your project, fostering collaboration, reducing errors, and enhancing overall project. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond conventional practices.

With BIM, we provide a holistic approach that not only captures the intricate details of your steel structures but also offers a dynamic platform for coordination among various stakeholders. This ensures a streamlined construction process, from conceptualization to completion, setting new standards in the industry.

Workmanship Report

Engineered shop drawings

Our Engineered Shop Drawings service is the backbone of successful construction projects. Meticulously crafted by our skilled professionals, these drawings serve as a vital bridge between design concepts and on-site implementation. We leverage cutting-edge software and engineering expertise to produce highly detailed, accurate, and optimized shop drawings, ensuring seamless
communication between architects, engineers, and contractors.

We do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs and implement all their requirements and more in the drawings

Fabrication drawings

After the shop drawings are reviewed and approved and site measurements confirmed, the process of generating fabrication drawings can start. Leveraging cutting-edge software and a team of skilled professionals, we meticulously craft detailed and accurate drawings that serve as the blueprint for the fabrication process. These drawings not only translate design concepts into actionable plans but also play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless coordination between fabrication teams and project stakeholders.
Our Fabrication Drawings are characterized by a commitment to industry standards, efficiency, and clear communication. Every part of the model gets its single part drawing and the path to the assembly drawing. The process is evolving and updating to the clients requirements and needs.

Connection design

Discover our specialized Structural Steel Connection Design services tailored for structural steel fabricators and general contractors. Our accomplished design team brings a wealth of expertise in fabrication and erection methods, enhancing the efficiency of structural connections. By leveraging our proficiency, we’ve established multiple standards that empower us to explore alternative connections, ensuring the delivery of designs that are not only efficient but also economical and safe. Utilizing advanced Tekla modeling software, we seamlessly integrate intricate details into even the most challenging connections, facilitating easy and precise erection of members in the field.
At G-Art, every connection undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure not only compliance with safety standards but also optimal performance and efficiency

Model based quantity takeoff

We introduce a very effective, visual, precise and error-free way of preparing structural steel take-offs that will put your bid in front of all of your competition. Effortlessly generate and modify deliverables directly from the model, minimizing human errors and reducing time spent on document version management.

Explore diverse scenarios by dynamically adjusting project parameters, enabling you to choose the optimal option for your project. Accurately determine the necessary quantities to prevent over-ordering and minimize material waste.

Feel free to contact us if you require job pricing and lack the time to compile a summary of the steel weight. We’ll gladly handle that task for you

Export files for CNC machines

If you possess a CNC machine for material dressing, our expertise allows us to generate files seamlessly compatible with your equipment. By utilizing these files, you can directly feed your CNC machine, effectively eliminating the risk of manual input errors. This streamlined approach ensures precision and efficiency in the material dressing process, enhancing overall operational reliability. We can generate NC1, IFC, STEP, IGES, OBJ ,STL, DGN, DWG, DXF, and more.

Site/Shop Inspection and workmanship reports

Construction inspections play a pivotal role in ensuring that all aspects of a project align with the planned trajectory, adhering meticulously to original drawings, shop drawings, general requirements, and industry standards and regulations. These inspections serve as a comprehensive check to validate the conformity of the construction process. As an integral part of your executive team, our dedicated professionals are poised to conduct thorough construction inspections, meticulously documenting each phase. 

Our commitment extends beyond the inspection phase, as we provide you with the requisite reports essential for the closure documentation. These detailed reports serve as a valuable record, assuring stakeholders that the project has been executed in accordance with the approved plans and regulatory guidelines, fostering transparency and accountability throughout the construction journey.